Fm Genie Scout 20

Fm Genie Scout is a software created to help you Football Manager players find great players easily. This comes very handy specially for finding potential great players. Like wonderkids or players that became a star but are not known to you since they play in a small league. Here I will explain to you how tot use FM Genie Scout best to your advantage in your Football Manager career.

So first you need to download the software in which you will find here. After installing you need to run your Football Manager career game and keep it running in the background. This enables the the FM Genie scout to load your save game specifically to find players from your database.  Now you are in and can use the Software.

There are many ways to use FM Scout Genie. My favourite one though is going to the player potential tab and input the number 160. These players are players that will reach very high potential in the game. They are not Messi nor Ronaldo but they are pretty close to them. This list might be very large depending on the player database size you have chosen in your save game. So I usually then make another search to players under the age of 23. These players usually are still growing and improving therefore you can get them for a better price. Rather than a 28 year old player almost in his prime.

The second thing you can use in FM Scout Genie 20 is find hidden gems. These are players not necessarily have high potential of 160 and over but they are great in specific attributes that are great in their positions. For example, finding  striker that has finishing 19, composure 18, pace 18, off the ball 20 and work rate 17. This player is an amazing striker but his other attributes might be bad that he will not ever reach the 160 potential but he might reach 140 but still be a great striker. SO in this case you look for speciality players that are great in one position with also a great track record to confirm his previous form.

There are many ways to use FM Scout Genie and it has improved a lot since its first birth. It is very useful in many ways. I hope you this article helped you even a little. If you liked this article here I am positive you will like the article here about Football Manager Editor, which I do explain in detail.

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